JW Yard of the Month

Every home is eligible for this honorary award by presenting the prettiest picture of your home as possible. Criteria include maintained and manicured lawns, weed-free areas, neat pine & flower beds, and trimmed shrubs and trees. Kindly keep your areas debris-free and help keep Jefferson Woods beautiful and a desirable neighborhood in which to live!

YOM Winners:

2021 Winner Address
September John & Judith Jamieson 185 West Creek Court
August Ed & Chris Ediger 155 Monarch Driv
July Tom & Rita Hughes 240 Jefferson Woods Drive
June Anthony & Kristy Martin 115 Mockingbird Trail
May Michael & Pamela Rebel 200 West Creek Court
April David & Kristin Irwin 140 Monarch Drive
2020 Winner Address
December Dan & Lori Kloiber 205 Monarch Drive
September Neil & Robin MacLachlan 265 Jefferson Woods Drive
July Norm & Rita Tapley 225 Jefferson Woods Drive
May Private 115 West Creek Court
2019 Winner Address
Scott & Amy Barkley
200 Monarch
July Brian & Cricket Karli 100 Glenwood Chase
June Ron & Kathie Prado 195 Monarch Drive
May Bill and Debbie Butler 280 Jefferson Woods Drive
April John and Lindsay Warnock 160 Monarch Drive


  • You could be the next YOM winner! Get your yard in tip-top shape. Well manicured yards make wonderful presentations as we represent our Jefferson Woods neighborhood.
  • YOM nominations and awards will begin in the Spring of each year and run through late Fall.