JW Yard of the Month

Every home is eligible for this honorary award by presenting the prettiest picture of your home as possible. Criteria include maintained and manicured lawns, weed-free areas, neat pine & flower beds, and trimmed shrubs and trees. Kindly keep your areas debris-free and help keep Jefferson Woods beautiful and a desirable neighborhood in which to live!

YOM Winners:

2020 Winner Address
September Neil and Robin MacLachlan 265 Jefferson Woods Drive
July Norm and Rita Tapley 225 Jefferson Woods Drive
May Private 115 West Creek Court
2019 Winner Address
Scott & Amy Barkley
200 Monarch
July Brian & Cricket Karli 100 Glenwood Chase
June Ron & Kathie Prado 195 Monarch Drive
May Bill and Debbie Butler 280 Jefferson Woods Drive
April John and Lindsay Warnock 160 Monarch Drive
2018 Winner Address
September Rudolf & Amelia Mezosi 175 Mockingbird Trail
August Pat & Juli Noll 155 West Creek Court
July Chris and Ed Ediger 155 Monarch Drive
June Ray & Karen Ernberger 120 Jefferson Woods Drive
April The Mitchell Family 170 West Creek Court


  • You could be the next YOM winner! Get your yard in tip-top shape. Well manicured yards make wonderful presentations as we represent our Jefferson Woods neighborhood.
  • YOM nominations and awards will begin in the Spring of each year and run through late Fall.