Request for Modifications Process

A Request for Modification (RFM) is needed for ANY change to your exterior.  Here is a simplified version of the steps needed to complete your house modification:

  1. The Homeowner wishes to make a change to the exterior of his house… anything from the color of the shutters, deck addition, room addition, pool, patio, etc.  Homeowner has a plan which details the changes… landscaper’s drawings, architect’s blueprints, pictures, etc.
  2. Homeowner contacts his immediate neighbors for a “heads up” before the work begins. Homeowner and neighbor(s) should review the RFM plus any pictures. The neighbor either supports the idea (checks off approve), or is not in favor of the idea (checks off disapprove), and signs the RFM with lot # or address.
  3. The homeowner turns in the completed RFM to Homelink, who will check it for compliance.  Incomplete RFMs will be returned to the homeowner.  Please include site plans, pictures, documents as applicable.
  4. RFMs will be reviewed and approved by our management company, Homelink.
  5. Homelink notifies the board that an RFM has been submitted so the board is aware of it.
  6. Once an RFM has been approved by Homelink it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact Fayette County with regards to permits, additional approval, and zoning criteria.
  7. On site inspections are part of the whole process, and sometimes there are lots of questions. The whole process takes a few days using e-mail, scanning, and faxing techniques. At any point during this procedure, if a neighbor has a question or problem with a change, that neighbor should contact Homelink. There is no time when a neighbor should feel awkward or uneasy about his neighbor’s property change. Sometimes more questions and answers are needed, and Homelink will be available when these arise.

If you have any questions regarding the RFM process, please contact Scott Sells at Homelink for assistance.